Today in the city White Hall 21.01.2019
On Capitol Hill, a Fittingly Chaotic End to a Tumultuous Year

On Wednesday, lawmakers thought they would get out of town by the end of the week with the government funded until February. President Trump changed their plans.

Far-Right German Leader Rails Against Toblerone For Halal Certification

Jörg Meuthen's post riled up some of his followers who didn't like the idea that the chocolate is now halal-certified.

What Ronald Reagan actually said about border security — according to history, not Donald Trump

Contrary to the president's tweet, Reagan did not fight for wall of fence construction on the U.S. border with Mexico.

Shutdown Looms As Tax Season Approaches: What Can Taxpayers Expect From The IRS?

With a showdown looming in Washington over border security, there’s no federal budget in place and the government may shut down. Here's what that means for taxpayers and the IRS.

5 Social Media Expert Predictions: What You'll Need To Know In 2019

What trends are going to define 2019 social media strategy? Read these predictions from top experts including YouTube stars, documentary filmmakers covering Gen Z, and brand marketing professionals.

How To Host A Party Without Alcoholic Drinks As The Star

Whether it’s the movies we’re watching, the media we’re reading, or a party we’re attending, it’s hard to escape alcoholic drinks this holiday season. Not everyone drinks so it's important to consider...

Facebook Just Keeps On Falling. What ComesNext?

Where does Facebook go from here? Could we see a return to the original idea of social networks, places where we could hang out and be ourselves? Will we replace social networks with personal websites...

What Can You Do For Your Loved Ones When You’re Dying Of Cancer?

Data always has a face. Here is the advice that people who have struggled with cancer had for others at this year’s Forbes Healthcare Summit.

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